Edit: Creators did respond! 

Theres something we have been meaning to talk about for some time.  We didn't want to mention it because it's really controversial, but after an update we saw from the creators, it's time to let it spill.

We don't like PopWorlds. 

It's glitchy, boring, and overrated. We keep giving it time and chances to see if it will fix itself, and it seems to be going more downhill. Let me start with my first impressions of playing the game- I felt like it was for little kids. It also didn't feel like "poptropica" that Ive come to know and love. 

Now, creators posted all this cool stuff- that was for MEMBERS only. Does this sound familiar? Whats it called, hm, oh! Club Penguin! Didn't it shut down? I played Club Penguin for five minutes and got bored- because everything was for paying customers. 

I understand Poptropica is a business that needs money, but in the original, members got cool stuff that wasn't overbearing for non members- and fun ads as well. But there are kids who don't want to worry about money and just want to play a fun game. This whole scenario is reminding me of Mocktropica- in all seriousness. Speaking of islands like Mocktropica that were detailed and creative- what happened to those in worlds? Crisis Caverns was weird, and 24 carrot was okay the second time. Not my cup of tea.

And don't get me started on houses...

Look guys, don't get us wrong, we don't hate it, it was just a... disappointment. 

We still have hope it will get better, but the creators need to take into serious consideration about what their fans are really feeling- because I feel ignored. Oh, and I promise you guys we are not quitting! We are just upset as of now. Of course, we still have hope for the potential of Worlds- we just want to be heard. We don't mean to upset anybody, and I promise we will be back with a fun, non controversial, light hearted, creative post that you guys are used to seeing. 


Maroon Jumper

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