5 Islands I Wish Were Real Places

Hey fellow Poptropicans! Ah, a typical island. Maybe somewhere in Hawaii. Peaceful, quiet, calm- wait not those islands- Poptropica Islands! You know, fighting crime, wreaking havoc, saving lives, heck- ruining lives (for evil doers of course), anything but peaceful! Yes, there are some Poptropica islands I wish were real places on this very Earth and here's 5 of 'em! :D

(Side note: I know some Poptropica Islands are real places on Earth just from the past or just changed a little but are still realistic, but... yeah- just makin' sure you guys know that I don't think places like caves don't exist xD)

First off, there's Time Tangled Island. From here, I'd basically like to be able to time travel to all of the different time periods! I mean how great would it be to shake hands with Abe Lincoln or meet Ancient Egyptians!

Secondly, Ghost Story Island! Now, normally people wouldn't want to live in a place with ghosts or supernatural beings but how cool would it be to be able to see ghosts! Same thing goes for Vampires Curse, but I won't count that as one of my choices since the reasons are the same :p. And hey, who says ghosts don't actually exist? Boo!

Then there's Mythology Island! Greek gods and goddesses roaming around- magic and mythical beings, items and acts being witnessed every day! Enough said! Who wouldn't want Mythology Island to be real!

Fourth, Shrink Ray Island! Of course, I would like the ability to be able to change back and forth between normal size and tiny but wouldn't it be fun to jump on marshmallows like trampolines and be able to fit in a dollhouse! But who knows? Maybe someday science will get there!

Last but not least, Monster Carnival! Not your run of the mill carnival that's for sure! Walking along side disguised monsters and having this old-timey creepy feel! Sure, it would be scary at first- but who doesn't love a good scare!

I hope you guys could at least relate with some of them! Until next time!


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